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As an intuitive movement teacher with an entertainment and martial arts background, I deliverer experiences which are accessible for every participant and enjoyable for body, mind and soul.

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the Art of Expression:


One-of-a-kind workshop with the sole aim to put you straight back in your core: being able to tap strength and confidence from your own center. Expect to be playfully challenged to express yourself through a combination of movement, theater and voice activation. I dare to promise that your inner fire will be blazing by the end of this workshop! 

Women Holding Hands

movement workshop:


Challenge your trust in others and yourself, the ability to surrender and letting go of control. A safe, fun and playful way to connect with your partner, friend, child, parent or maybe even a stranger.

Kimi is a true student of life. Trying to find out first hand as much as she can and learning from those around her through sharing past experiences whenever possible. She takes the world on with a smile, both the good and the bad, for all of it combined that teaches us compassion and ultimately enables us to understand one another. Full of energy and love for her fellow man, she strives to bring smiles to those she comes into contact with. Kimi is convinced that hapiness is not just for the lucky ones, and she wants to spread joy with her example.

Using movement as a medium she wants to share experiences with others. Kimi's lessons revolve around fearless living. This means finding your inner balance and then taking one step out of your comfort zone with experienced guidance and support to gain confidence and reach new levels and achieve personal goals. Individual attention is key and by channeling positive energy and placing trust in one another you grow stronger in body and mind. Her classes embrace the idea that growth is constant and must be nurtured. With breathing techniques and meditation, mixed in with sequencing and challenging poses, you will feel revitalised mentally and physically.

* Depending on the location, need to travel or special requests, I may need to adjust the cost based on my expenses. 


Yoga Teacher from Germany >

Kimi's unique energy and ability to explain and align the postures of her students perfectly got my practice to a totally new level.


Student from Geneve, Switzerland >

Each of her yoga classes flows with amazing harmony. Using different yoga techniques as well as her intuition, she leads the participants through beautiful and healing journeys.


Retreat guest from New Zealand >

In her presence I always felt safe and comfortable to experiment with different yoga poses and delve deeper into my practice.

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