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Photography is something I've always enjoyed and as I grow my style and skills develop with me. Please understand that I do not consider myself a professional photographer! I have never invested in any education regarding photography, am self-taught and still work with semi-professional DSLR bodies. As I model I work with too many true professionals to get delusional, staying realistic of my own camera skills. When it comes to camera settings and technique I lack great knowledge. Everything I do comes forth from intuition and my perspective of capturing beauty within my own capabilities.

Please note, I have put great effort, money and time into this 'hobby'. I don't appreciate people approaching me with the expectation for me to 'just' create some shots for them. Please don't underestimate the time and effort that goes into these images! I'm very interested in co-creations as long as they are interesting for everyone involved. Especially since I've started to do post-editing too it's become more time consuming, luckily though, also more fun and rewarding!

If you like my creations and you would like me to photograph you, feel free to contact me. I am open for interesting skill trades or an honest fee for my time spend working.

Sensual Lily

A small project in the comfort of my living room where I challenge myself to create with limited space, props and time.

Turtle Island - Fiji

Against all odds I made it to the breathtaking private island that is known as Turtle Island in the Yasawas, Fiji, during the global pandemic known as Covid19. With tourism completely on hold and the borders on full lock down, I was the only foreigner on the island that normally runs as a private and awarded luxury resort. Most of the time I spend in or on the Pacific Ocean and working daily with the local staff still on the island. We tended the gardens, nourished the island to keep it in good shape, collected food for the community and build structures for new family members such as pigs and chickens. Originally I arrived as a yoga teacher, but I ended up taking the roll of content creator and delivered all the photography and videos for Turtle Island.

Aotearoa New Zealand

New Zealand has an incredible lot to offer and traveling around by camper was a great adventurous way to take in all the scenery. Ranging from sweeping mountains to vast underground cave systems, gigantic glaciers to boiling hot springs, golden-sand beaches to rugged coastline. Besides all the outdoor adventuring I also visited the classic Art-Deco styled city of Napier, Windy Welly, the still recovering from the 2011 earthquake Christchurch and the metropolitan city on the North Island, Auckland. I hit the road with only my Nikon DSLR and two lenses as equipment. A tripod would have been nice to add to that list.

Bali's Jungle vibes

It's probably impossible to make a shot in Bali that isn't stunning with all the gorgeous backdrops, lush greens and natural elements. The color pallet on it's own is to die for. Traveling through Bali was an absolute delight for my photography passion, a huge boost for my creativity and an opportunity to grow as I continued to play with self portraits.

a Dance with Claire

Being a movement artist myself I'm constantly inspired by other passionate movers and Claire is no exception. She is strong, artistic and has an insane level of body control. It's always a pleasure for me to see Claire dance and it was an honor when she asked me to capture her being in her element.