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Becoming a Faun

I'm incredibly excited to show you the result of our Magical Faun photoshoot! I can't even tell you how much work the team put into the project before the actual shootings. Everything you see was hand made for this day. The whole journey of working up towards this end result is what makes it all much more intense, beautiful and absolutely worth it. The universe even contributed and provided us with snow! Could it be anymore epic?

''When I work on a photoshoot, I let myself become a canvas. I don't try to become the most beautiful version of 'Kimi', because it's not about me. I step into a roll, a different skin, created by the artist around me. As a team we create an image. Art. Giving birth to our fantasies and wild creative minds. Besides actively being part of creation, it's also a lot about surrendering and trusting the team. When I finally step in front of the camera I no longer feel as myself. I have fully embraced and become this other character. A result of the input from everyone involved. A piece of art.''

Intensely grateful for the powerful team who brought my inner magic to the outer world!

Alana van den Berg - instagram: @alana_vd_berg

Special effect make up, wig styling, upcycling the dress and epic horns and nails creation.

Mark Drenth - instagram: @mchainmaildesign

Chainmail piece made ring by ring.

Kyman Cheng - instragram:

Cameraman capturing our creature and setting up unforgettable scenes in the forest!

Faun Photoshoot

''There's something mesmerising about a flickering flame, be it a candle or roaring fireplace. Or in this case, my magical spell. A reflection of the dancing and ever growing flames in my heart. Fierce, passionate, kind and full of love. This fire, this magic, I will not apologize for. Instead, I am going to set it free. May it reach you.''

Fun Fact: These magical flames were very real and during the shoot I've burned away the hair on my lower right arm. It didn't hurt, but damn that nasty stench of burning hair.

It often happens that I attach more value to a backstage shot instead of the final art from the shoot itself. They are often very pure moments of laugther and love captured at the right time. Even though the results of this shoot are out of this world, magical and epic, they don't capture the love and caring as this shot does.

While we were shooting in the forest most dogs that past us didn't know how to react to my appearence. A horned creature with a metal piece around her neck. They either slowed pace anxiously or made a big run for it. This cute little fellow however ran towards me the very instant he layed eyes on me. Staying extremely close and vunerable. For me a definite love on the first sight. Unfortunately I couldn't convince the owner to let me addopt him. What makes the photo even more beautiful is Mark wrapping a coat around my shoulders as I was only wearing a thin dress in the snow. So much love and such great timing by Kyman, our photographer that day.


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