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"During my ayurveda-treatment at UTMT resort in Sri Lanka, I had the opportunity to attend around 30 of Kimi's Yoga classes. I have been practicing Yoga for 6 years, and Kimi is really the best and most inspiring teacher I met so far for so many reasons: First she is so versatile! Beside her amazing Vinyasa classes with Yin Yoga elements I learned several new Yoga styles like Acro-, Partner-, Thai Massage- and Boxing Yoga. I hadn't even known about the existence of the last two before. Kimi's unique energy and ability to explain and align the postures of her students perfectly got my practice to a totally new level.


Kimi's knowledge of the interaction of exercise with the human body also amazed me. She could explain the benefits of each posture in detail or adjusted the postures to the personal needs of her student according injuries.

So enough about the physical side, what really makes Kimi unique is her strong personality and her connection to her students! In each class Kimi felt the energy of the group and adjusted her flow accordingly. So we ended up either in a powerful class or in a calmer class with many stretching or yin  postures. The latter often was the case in the early morning classes. And wishes for the physical focus of classes were very welcome, resulting in terms like "core class" or "ass class" :-). This shows how humor and laughter were welcome as a part of each class. Kimi wants everybody to have fun while exercising


Beside the physical part of Yoga, the elements of philosophy and meditation have a big value in Kimi's classes. She took the time to study this in a Philippine temple, which you notice by her saying very mature and thoughtful things during the practice, giving you an impulse to think things through as well


All in all, I got inspired in so many ways and really miss the special Kimi Yoga (a new fusion type of Yoga I forgot to mention;-)). I can just hope our paths will cross again soon!"


Jenifer Schneidereit (Germany)

- Yoga teacher

"Miss Nutbey is a great colleague to work with and deals very well with customers. She's a team player who is both punctual and dependable as she always puts in 100% effort. Her vast knowledge of yoga and kind demeanor make her an excellent instructor"

Simon Rog (Netherlands)

- Owner of InTension Health Club Scheveningen B.V.

"For someone with little experience in Yoga, I found working with Kimi very relaxing, both in group and one on one classes. She comes well prepared and takes her time in understanding what you are trying to achieve and the level at which you are before giving you the right type and dose of exercises. Above all this, Kimi is a great person where you can connect and get comfortable with very quickly. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity of meeting Kimi, make sure you don't miss the experience working with her too."

Mossawi (Abu Dabhi)

"A very heartfelt thank you for a really special, joyful and rejuvenating week of yoga at UTMT. You are a very gifted and inspirational teacher and we came away feeling relaxed, uplifted and confident to carry on our own practice. You guided us through asanas we thought we couldn't achieve and you made it fun!

Thank you for sharing your warm energies, your beautiful voice, humour and wisdom with us.

I miss our morning practice listening to the beautiful sound of the waves.

With love and gratitude."


Emily and Sisters! (England)

"I haven't done yoga for a while when I joined one of Kimi's classes in Sri Lanka for the first time. I loved the lesson and Kimi's personality from the first breath. It was such a special hour and after the introduction to Dragonfly Yoga, i felt like I could fly myself! Kimi is a very special person with so many different talents. When she sang a song called ''I am beautiful" at the end of the lesson, i had tears in my eyes - her voice is wonderful! THANK YOU for this amazing, short time and the motivation you gave me to get back into yoga."

Sabina (Switzerland)

"Kimi is a truly wonderful teacher! Each of her yoga classes flows with amazing harmony. Using different yoga techniques as well as her intuition, she leads the participants through beautiful and healing journeys. Like a Sun, she warms your heart, rises your smile and enlightens your mind!"

Sabrina (Geneva, Switzerland)

"Love triumphs over all for this woman, which is ruled by the heart and operates from this dimension too. Charismatic and positive-thinking she attracts not only an abundance of friends and opportunities, but manages to survive life's stormy times with style and good humor. A very active person, she can dance, run, photograph, talk to dozens of people, drink beer, and talk on the phone all at the same time! She is full of life, irradiating contagious enthusiasm."


Milton Miller (USA)

- Cross country runner

"Meeting Kimi and Mark has been an amazing experience. They have integrated in their lifes all their knowledge and experience on yoga,Chinese medicine and other holistics approach to life and healing. Doing a yoga class with Kimi has been a great gift,it is not just about the stretching and the positions...she really passes on and puts in practice the philosophy of Yoga is not about moving is about feeling,accepting,exploring, pushing yourself and being compassionate. It's a journey for the body and the soul. Mark completes everything with a meticulous attention in the choices of the food,with a great care of all the details.Food is simple but tasty,always surprisingly different and incredibly delicious. It was a great joy spending time with them and feeling looked after in such a caring way was just a big gift.

Wish them all the best to realise their dreams and to keep sharing their experience which I am sure will be of great help to anyone."


Anna (Italy)

- Neuroscientist



"Kimi is a wonderful yoga teacher so inspiring, enthusiastic and creative. In her presence I always felt safe and comfortable to experiment with different yoga poses and delve deeper into my practice. In such a short space of time at the retreat I was able to learn a lot about yoga and find my inner peace and outer strength with every class. Mark is not just your average chef, his dishes were full of flavour, vibrant in colour and super healthy! He cooked from the heart and generously shared his wonderful creations and extensive knowledge of food with us. I hope to meet you both again, thank you for having such a positive impact on my life :) "


Lauren (New Zealand)



"I met Kimmy at the Abundance Yoga Retreat in Italy, Kimmy was the yoga teacher there. After one class of Yoga with Kimmie, my body felt so much lighter and looser. I felt that my body could stretch more. Kimmie creates an environment of realness, an environment where you can step onto the mat and expand into your body; breathe into all the places that are stuck. The laughter she brings through her workshops help to shake out the limitation of stress is the whole body. Kimmie really helped me with my alignment and find small mistakes that were affecting my daily practice. I really enjoyed the mix of Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and the introduction to the Dragon dance with some dance and laughing yoga thrown in. There was permission to come exactly as you are and celebrate that place. There was a great mix of active yoga, stretching, relaxation and pranayama really help make your body a comfortable, easeful place to inhabit. Thanks for your help and wonderful advice. I feel so much more comfortable and confident with my yoga practice after the week in Italy."


Mary O'Leary (Ireland)

- Bodyworker (rolfing), The posture studio



"Kimi and Mark are truly wonderful. Kimi is a fantastic teacher, who made me feel like I was able to progress whilst also emphasising the core elements of yoga practice so that I could go away and continue. Her playful sessions allow you to smile your way to a more peaceful and serene state of self love and acceptance. I thank her enormously for her time, love and care. Mark cooks with his heart and his head. The perfect blend of high quality ingredients, a strong philosophy and good hands. I ate so well and felt light and energetic as a result. Thank you for your nourishment and care, Mark"


Kajal Guille (India / London)


Zsoka Bernard

Yoga Studio Owner

"It’s hard to catch Kimberley in just a few words. Where can you find a woman that is able to teach a great yoga class, be a stunt-woman , a model and so much more. She is one of a kind. Authentic, professional, excellent communicator , strong & loving at the same time, wise, and very funny. Students at Balanzs love her because of the connection she makes, the example and role model she is without ever being condescending, always respecting everybody. No matter your background, shape & form. Always inspiring everybody to find the best version of themselves. I highly recommend her and can assure that working with her will be a delight!"

rebecca mourits.jpg

Rebecca Mourits

Studio Owner and Philosopher

"Kimberley is one of those “how can all of this, fit in 1 person” kind of people. She has a way of sensing exactly what is needed in a situation, adapt accordingly, and rise to the occasion. My experience of her has been one of someone who is reliable, caring, and has a great and diverse skillset. But most importantly: working with her always brings me such deep joy! Her energy is contagious, and her multi-passionate spirit ripples through in everything she does."




Tea ceremonies, sweets and lattes

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