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'Nice to meet you and welcome on my site!

My name is Kimberley, but you can call me Kimi.

For years I tried to have a focussed and clean website with only one clear topic, turns out that isn't me at all and I finally gave up on the idea.

Instead of managing ten different sites, this one become home for all of my endavours. Feel free to explore, read and watch everything I have to share here.'


Dutch, English and Japanese




sun, lion and fire horse





Welcome to my Wonderful World

I am often described as a dynamic and free spirit. But that doesn't tell you anything about me right? So, instead of using a couple of  interesting sounding labels, allow me to share some of my experiences in life. To me this feels like a good way for you to get to know me a little better, which after all is the purpose of this page.


I have lived and studied in a Chinese Buddhist Temple in the Philippines. I donated all my clothes and shoes (except for the ones I was wearing) and brought back only books from Manila. I dance in the rain and have a habit of climbing on rooftops. I have been tied up with a rope around my ankle to a shipwreck 40 feet underwater, while wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet of red roses in the Caribbean Ocean. I have bathed myself with a big pasta pan filled with hot water in the home of a pizza baker in Italy after days long on the road. I have been interviewed and made it to the national newspapers in The Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan and Fiji.

GENOVA!! _djenagram and I made our way h

Hitchhiking in Italy


Underwater Wedding Shoot

In Aruba, the locals called me the Turtle Dancer after multiple meetings with my turtle friends underwater. 8 years later I spend the majority of the global pandemic on Turtle Island in Fiji. I was the only foreigner and lived and worked with a small group of locals, nourishing the island and taking up the roll as photo and videographer.


I have competed in the world championships for karate and iaido in Germany, Yugoslavia and Italy. In 2006 I went home with the World cup. On my first ever and only Kung Fu tournament so far I went home with a golden medal and I won a bottle of rum in dancing contest in Cuba with a (extremely sexy) professional Cuban dancer as my dance partner. I have thrown myself out of a plane at 11,000 feet. With a parachute. After finishing my high school year in Japan I sang a song for the entire school instead of giving a speech.


Collecting dinner on the island

Cleaning the beach

Construction team

I have been on the private airplane of a friend and flew to the beautiful white beach in Shirohama, Japan. There I casually made friends, playfully wrestled and smashed water melons while being blindfolded with members of a large Yakuza family, who were also enjoying their day off. I love singing Disney songs. I fostered and adopted unwanted cats while living in Aruba. I dance with old people, young people, big people, small people, anywhere and anytime. I caught a man who was wearing a tuxedo jerking off next to me on the subway while I was wearing my Japanese uniform in Osaka, needless to say that made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I happily got lost in Venice, Italy.



Tea ceremonies, sweets and lattes

A few of my favorite things...


Highschool in Japan

I saw myself wearing only a pink slip on an enormous print that was featured on a truck that drove around the island of Aruba. Every single day. I partied with Soldiers who were on duty on a boat to New Castle, England. Saw one of the guys eat a beer glass. I did a cover shoot for FHM and I bought my first make-up at the age of 29. I decided to not give up on my childhood dreams and started working on a career in the film and theater industry. I aspire to portrait bad ass women kicking ass.

I fostered baby kittens in the garage underneath the Temple after meditation classes. I have been kicked out of an expensive strip club in Florida, because apparently only the strippers were aloud to dance. I never treated myself to luxury in Manila and bought breads for those living on the streets instead. I traveled to Singapore to visit one of my best friends who I had met before in Bali, Dubai and London, but never twice in the same country.


Volunteering in a teahouse, Taiwan


Temple Garden Cleaning


Buddhist Temple stay

I survived shopping for clothes in Asia even though I was at least one head taller and 3 sizes bigger than everyone else. Thumbs up for men’s shoes and clothes stores. I crossed the busiest street in São Paulo, Brazil together with my friend wearing only our underwear for no particular reason. I was grateful to find a deserted hot spring in the mountains of cold Iceland and I literally walked the soles off of my shoes in London. I was asked to work as a dancer in a gay club in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Did yoga while taking a bath in a mud volcano in Colombia and performed playing the viola in epic concerts when I was 9 years old. I traveled into the Sahara on camel and slept under a millions of stars while being surrounded by the ever changing sand hills.

I helped packing relief goods in the Philippines after typhoon Haiyan. Spent a few days barefoot, making fires for meals, working, meditating and going completely back to basics in the mountains of Taiwan. I bungee jumped while singing ‘I feel Good’ and experienced my own version of Games of Thrones with LARP adventures. Started teaching Spinning (indoor cycling) after my first class. Danced on the street under the stars in a big prom dress without music, and the only bone I’ve broken so far is my little toe.

Ready for my last flight! Everyone that

Backpacking around the World

LIKE A BOSS__#nürnberg #naptime #europet

Europe Tour on Motorcycle

I am a ninja pirate bunny! Or so I have been told. One night I went on a mission and had to dive into a shipwreck in complete darkness in order to find the coordinates for my next mission. Trained full-contact Karate in the mountains of Japan. Participated in a big Karate tournament as the only foreigner and made my Japanese host dad and personal trainer a proud man when taking home the golden cup. I did a yoga headstand split in the aisle of a United 777 Boeing aircraft. Nori (edible seaweed) used to make me throw up, now I love it. I love to wear dresses and I do not like to wear heels.

I have performed elegant Japanese tea ceremonies while I had a bunch of bruises from full-contact karate training hidden under my kimono. I taught 30 basketball players yoga in a temple. The whole class was translated into Chinese by a Buddhist monk. I made RAW Banana ice cream for 300 people in that same temple in Taiwan and I wrote a bunch of Love Letters and spread them over The Hague city so it may brighten up someone’s day!

It was on a warm Autumn afternoon, just

Wearing Japanese Kimono in Nara Park

I flew a small airplane from Fukui to Kobe without any prep courses or license. I rode on a big-ass motorcycle through Europe for three months and taught yoga everywhere I could. That includes in cathedrals, museums and on rooftops. I spontaneously started a singing career in Japan, my first song was launched on Japanese radio and DVD and I continued doing the lyrics and vocals for companies like Konami. I love wearing a Kimono. I got married by heart to the sexiest redhead in Germany for her amazing cooking skills while my sister got mad at me for doing so. I am the muse of a talented chain mail designer and, like most women, I love (dark) chocolate.

In Italy I taught five retreats back to back to 34 students from all over the globe including Haiti and New Zealand. I got my drivers licenses in Aruba and learned how to actually drive in the mountains of Umbria, Italy. I've set foot on the steaming road to Santiago in the burning sun. Walked the ancient pilgrims route up to Mount Koya and spend the full 10 hours hike alone in the rain. I've lived in between Jungle and Ocean in Sri Lanka. Leading classes at sunrise and sunset, eating fruits and saving puppies in between. Sitting still literally hurts my body and I'm a firm believer in continuous improvement and constant change.

Wedding Mitchy Aya-7.jpg
My last travel made me realise so many t

Marocco Sahara

5 yoga retreats. 11 excursions. 18 massa

Working in Italy

Halloween Live Performance in Ritz Carlton, Osaka

I made my way to New Zealand and jumped on a van with a complete stranger who I traveled with for three weeks. I taught outdoor yoga classes to groups of almost 300 people without a microphone and without the need to yell. I teach people how to use their voice in a correct way to create volume without harming the throat. I have adopted family all over the world from Brazil to Japan and Fiji to just around the corner. I can handle a gun and my first sniper shot was on a 100 meter range perfectly targeted in between the eyes. Taking people out of their comfort-zone with guidance has become my purpose in life.


Motion Capture Cinematic course


Military training - Advanced firearms

After eight years on the road I have finally said yes to an apartment. Turns out I love playing a good host and find joy in filling my cupboard with cutlery from all over the world. In particular I enjoy listening to Jazz music while swaying in my Brazilian hammock in the living room. I don't have a couch, a TV or a dining table. I do have a self made bar and recently adopted a hand made Japanese tea table which I designed myself. The true eye catcher however are the hand made bookshelves that cover an entire wall in the living room, made with sweat, tears, blood and lots of laughter. I love sitting on the floor while enjoying a good meal or playing a board game with friends in between all the epic adventures life has to offer. 

All of the above is true.


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