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About  Kimi


A gifted movement artist and avid traveler, Kimberley passionately shares her practice wherever her feet kiss the Earth. Originally from the Netherlands, she lived in Aruba and Japan and has been teaching yoga globally for the past 7 years. Her classes are intuitive, skillful and rich. Expect a beautiful blend of yoga with occasional elements of martial arts - coming from 20+ years of experience - and dance, always fine-tuned to the energy of the room. When she's not teaching, chances are you'll see her making photo's or videos. Kimberley once started out in front of the camera, until she discovered that she enjoyed being the photographer just as much - if not more - as being the model. Her love for movement, video/photography and storytelling all come together in her journey as Motion Capture Performer. Underneath everything she does is a passion to capture and create beautiful things, and to tell their story. She will gladly guide you on your own personal journey as you explore the joy of movement, finding your unique expression along the way.

Yoga teacher

Regular classes

Private sessions

Workshops & Events

Intuitive movement teacher with an entertainment and martial arts background, delivering experiences which are accessible and enjoyable for body, mind and soul.


Physical performer

Fight performer

Motion Capture

Film & Theater

Actor and action performer trained in motion and performance capture. Styles include European and Japanese sword work, military, creature, advanced firearms and unarmed.

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Self portraits

Travel & Food photography

Photoshoots on request

Passionate self-taught photographer and (micro) story teller through still images. Creating self portraits as a medium to express herself and share her journey through life.




Committed & Adaptable

Strong physique

10+ years of posing experience in front of the lens. Athletic build and high muscle definition. Portraying feminine strength and elegance, sometimes as a creative creature. Comfortable with extreme shooting conditions and taking initiative.


Zsoka Bernard

Yoga Studio Owner

"It’s hard to catch Kimberley in just a few words. Where can you find a woman that is able to teach a great yoga class, be a stunt-woman , a model and so much more. She is one of a kind. Authentic, professional, excellent communicator , strong & loving at the same time, wise, and very funny. Students at Balanzs love her because of the connection she makes, the example and role model she is without ever being condescending, always respecting everybody. No matter your background, shape & form. Always inspiring everybody to find the best version of themselves. I highly recommend her and can assure that working with her will be a delight!"

rebecca mourits.jpg

Rebecca Mourits

Studio Owner and Philosopher

"Kimberley is one of those “how can all of this, fit in 1 person” kind of people. She has a way of sensing exactly what is needed in a situation, adapt accordingly, and rise to the occasion. My experience of her has been one of someone who is reliable, caring, and has a great and diverse skillset. But most importantly: working with her always brings me such deep joy! Her energy is contagious, and her multi-passionate spirit ripples through in everything she does."

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