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physical performer

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EU Driver's license



Singing (mezzo soprano)

Exquisite chicken sound 

Soft skills

Stage combat - unarmed

Stage combat - sword and shield

Stage combat - Japanese sword

Stage combat - broadsword

Stage combat - Single western sword

Stage combat - rapier and dagger

Firearms - live

Firearms - stage and screen

Diving (rescue diver)

Indoor Climbing

Weight lifting

Martial Arts


Physical skills



Kimberley Nutbey
Kimberley Nutbey
Kimberley Nutbey
Kimberley Nutbey
Kimberley Nutbey
Kimberley Nutbey


The V.O. Dojo

A six weeks 'You should do Voice Over' course that teaches the technical, emotional, and intimate aspects of voiceover.


Independent Drama - Combat Lab

Weekly mixed ability 3 hour training course on dramatic combat focusing on a specific weapon, scene or technique.


The Mocap Vaults


This workshop teaches you the skills to grab a script and turn it into something magnetic in rapid time. Making use of the airy space of the mocap volume, orienting yourself and your performance for maximum impact.

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Military Mocap Masterclass

A joint course between The Mocap Vaults and Bare Arms - Military Support to Film & TV, combining the disciplines of weapons handling and motion capture.

 Intensive advanced session about using firearms and physical portrayal of soldiers.

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British Academy of Dramatic Combat

Standard - Unarmed, single sword, rapier and dagger

Certificate in BADC Standard level.


Bare Arms

Theatrical Firearms Course Level  2 - Advanced

Military training in firearms, drills and tactics with British Army veterans Ben Simmons and Alastair Paton.


Take 3 Action Agency

Screen Acting intensive: Unarmed and Sword&Shield.


The Mocap Vaults


The Heroes & Monsters classes teach you the essential skills for working on any performance capture shoot.

Moving on to a more in depth look at character and environment creation. Build up your toolkit of imagination and observation, creating people, creatures and environments, as well as developing body awareness and specific physical performance skills. Discover how to construct a character move by move for working with video games.

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The Mocap Vaults

Intro to Performance and Motion Capture Acting

Foundation course in performing for motion capture in film and video games.

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Quiet Flame - Stunt performer training

  • High Fall Seminar & Wrecking

  • Fight Choreography / Capoeira / Western sword stage fighting

  • Action Classes Privates with Chuck Johnson 

  • Fight Choreography / Taekwondo / Capoeira / Western sword stage fighting / Japanese Sword stage fighting / Wrecking Workshop




  • BoxingYoga™ Training Camp in Iceland

  • BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training by Kajza Ekberg - Licensed


Ferus Animi // Terra Nova

  • 5 day Intensive course with Tomislav English

  • 6 hour workshop with Tomislav English and Tina Afiyan Breiova

movement research practice, built around the application of modern physiological, cognitive and neuroscientific understanding into supplementary training methodologies for cross disciplinary movers and craftspersons.


Find Balance Yoga | Greenpath Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training in Brasil by David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner

- 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate


more MOVEMENT training:

Jon Yuen - Bottoms Up course & Spinal Waves 101 course

Hong Ying Martial Arts Academy The Hague - Choi Li Fut Kung Fu, Sanda and Liondance

Fo Guang Shan - Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Tomo no Kai - Wado Ryu Karate & Iaido (10 years)

H.Z. Zian - Competitive Swimming

Be-jin Walk - Walking class by Chinami Kondoh

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Osaka - Private training session

Kyokushin Karate - 1 year intensive training in Japan

De Klim Muur - K2 Certificate - Indoor climbing course

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