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I am

My 24th year in this body was rather intense. They say that the universe doesn’t always gives you what you want, but what you need. And that you will never be given something that you can’t handle. Well, all I can say is that the universe has tested me many times this past year.

I have looked death deeply in the eyes and shook hands with life. Major up and downs. Times of letting go and starting new things. I have lived and studied in a Buddhist Temple, became a certified Yoga teacher while travelling in Brazil and rode through Europe on a motorcycle so I could teach yoga and reach out to many people in different countries. Some of my closest friends consider my last year too intense, and they might be right about that, however, I don’t regret anything. I am grateful for knowing that, no matter what happens to my body, it’s my heart that they can’t touch. Unless I want it to be touched.

I’ve seen storms in the Philippines, sunrises in Brazil and sunsets in Italy. Vanilla skies in Romania and a falling star in Germany. I swam in oceans as blue as my fathers eyes and some more green like mine. I have walked barefoot through rivers in Taiwan and rolled naked through the cold grass in Estonia. I have kissed at new moon and made love under a full. I have prayed in temples and danced on tables. I have met more people than I can and want to remember. I faced the chaos in Ukraine and joined the peaceful folklore dances in Latvia. Every time I fell down, I stood up stronger. I ate the best sushi ever in LA and fresh herring at home. Re-united with old friends and made new ones along the road. I cried when I was sad, in pain or happy, and sometimes all at the same time. I reached more than a million people with a funny yoga video that went viral, where I hoped to reach that much for things that I find important. I have travelled alone and together and at both times, sometimes wishing for the other. I have lived like a queen and as a savage. I kissed my mother hello and goodbye within the same week, for I never stayed home too long. I flew with the birds, climbed with the monkies, ran with the horses, fought with the wolves and swam with the fish. I have seen dead bodies on the road, a man dying of a heart attack in front of my eyes and people whose life where hanging on a thin tread. Watched double rainbows after the rain while chasing the sun. I was blessed to connect and touch many hearts and experience the most pure form of love. Never before I have felt so strong that all and everything in this universe is one. Loved, lost and loved again.

I gained scars, knowledge, sunburns, friends, muscles, better understanding and love.

I lost weight, attachment, blood, ego and distracting thoughts.

I can fill up books about the things I have seen, smelled, tasted, heard, felt and done.

Everything I have written is true and has shaped me into the human being that I am today.

I live. I love. I am.

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